Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

What's Jack up to? Today's he's chillin' after all his late night celebrating to ring in the New Year.

What's a girl to do on one of the biggest days in sports when she's all shopped out and just wants to veg in front of the TV ,but there seems to be only Football on?
Thankfully VH1 saves us with an America's Next Top Model all day marathon. It's total veg TV. One of my favorite guilty pleasures. I admit I'm happiest when it's Wednesday's night and I've got Top Model followed by a bath break and then Top Chef. Bliss. Kids please don't mess with me.

Now, I have to say I was put out by the whole Tyra/Sileisha scandal this season. I rooted for Sileisha the whole way and was pretty satisfied when she won. But when I actually saw the video tape of her modeling on the Tyra show (modeling Rami's from Project Runway's fashions! I'll post on that later) I was put off. It was just a little too close for comfort. Surely in a whole country full of wannabees they could have found a girl that didn't know Tyra?
All that sad, yeah, I'll be watching again when cycle 10 comes on. I'm hopeless.


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