Friday, January 18, 2008

Woah Wellie! Part 3

What's Jack up to? Poor Jack isn't happy with all the rain today. He along with the DS and DD were hopeful that it would be a snow day. Sorry Guys.
Check out Jack here wondering why I'm taking pictures of some silly boots.

So the Wellie woes continue.
No, I still haven't found a pair in size 11. So sad. I did find these in a size ten that run a little big and are passable. They just fit my big feet. Of course they aren't perfect. The shaft is a little too short and I'm not sure if I love or hate the strap across the front that gave them a faux motorcycle feel. But for the bargain price that I paid I'm willing to deal until my true Wellie prince comes along.
Let it rain!

Is Tyson the new Tyra?

Nah, but he's sure trying. In the new Bravo show Make Me a Supermodel Tyson co-hosts with model Niki Taylor. I knew he was going for the Tyra the moment that he stripped down to his Speedo to show the guys how it's done.

It's no ANTM, but it's filler enough until the next season of Top Chef starts. The twist on this show is having both male and female models living in a house together (makes for interesting crushes) and the fact that America gets to vote on who's out, ala American Idol.


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I really like "Make Me a Supermodel," in fact I think that it's better than ANTM because there's a mix of the sexes and it just seems fresher.

I can't wait for the new "Top Chef!" I love that show!!

Kwana said...

Hi Brown Girl. I have to say I like Top Model better. Maybe it's because I love the over the top characters and Nigel is just the best. But this show is fresh.

I'll share my Top Chef encounter soon. It's very fun.

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