Monday, January 21, 2008

Peace Please

What's Jack up to? Today he's literally nipping a my heels to play. Ouch, Jack!

Today is a national holiday here is the US. It's the day we celebrate the birthday of Dr. King. His peaceful non-violent approach to civil change is a lesson we all need to reflect on. Particularly during this election year. Please take a moment and think of how you can add more peace to your personal life and life beyond your four walls.
What's my prayer for this year? It's simple. Peace please.

photo from Oprah's breathing space gallery by Suzan Watson


Marley Gibson said...

Nice post, Kwanster. Dr. King's message of peace still needs to resonate today to everyone. I think if we all just took deep breaths and treated each other with love and respect, the world would be a better place.


Kwana said...

I totally agree, Marley. Love and respect can go a long way.

pve design said...

Funny - almost posted a similar sky photo that you used! Nice post and we need to spread the message of love and respect for all!

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