Monday, January 28, 2008


What's Jack up to? He's on a bit of a short leash after dashing out the door this weekend for an unauthorized romp around the house. The DH and DS couldn't coax him back in as he pranced around with obvious glee at his fun chase me game. What finally got him in? When I got fed up and put on my best fake voice and promised a treat if he'd just come inside. Oh, Jack I can't believe you fell for that one again.

In the midst the ridiculous chaos of an American family weekend and way too much shuttle driving, I got to go to an interesting women's empowerment seminar at my church. It was all about breaking the habits that are holding you back and was given by a renowned psychologist that is now a member of our congregation.

Thinking there would be a small turnout the organizers prepared the downstairs fellowship hall by setting up round tables and putting out a nice spread of coffee, tea and carbs. They quickly realized that this was a hot topic as more women showed up than could fit in the hall and the group had to be moved upstairs to the sanctuary.

Going though some stuff much, ladies?

I'll admit I was hoping for some magic words that would suddenly bring clarity to the direction of my life and have me make some monumental shift in direction. One that would bring wealth , peace and a quick twenty pound weight loss.
That didn't happen.

I was surprised instead to get confirmation on what I was doing and left with the annoying phrase of "stay the course" looping in my head.

The doctor talked about purpose. She described your purpose as being what you would do even if you were not paid for it. Bummer. Turns out that's what I'm doing now. I write. And so far, I don't get paid for it!

I took a moment to fantasize about possibly coming into some cash windfall. I saw myself traveling around the world and shopping my butt off, Cartier, Gucci, Hermes. Yes!

Then I took the fantasy a little further and saw myself doing what? Writing. Aww, man. Holding my book. Oh, crap. Signing my books. Ugh!

There I was, in my mind super rich, without any care for money and I was still holding on to my dream of being a published author. Insert big sigh here.
All that said, I guess I'm on the right track with the whole purpose thing.
I'm going to forge ahead and follow what the doctor called FEM with a renewed faith.
FEM: Focus + Effort = Manifestation.

So, what are you manifesting?

Check out this fun cartoon from Will Write For Chocolate .



Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'm manifesting having one of the most popular Africa-American women's website/blog on the Internet!!! :-) FEM!!!!!

Kwana said...

You go, Brown Girl! I know you'll have it too. And when I'm pubbed, hopefully, I'll have the honor of being on your site with some fab photos too! :)

pve design said...

What won't kill ya will make ya stronger! Life has a way of throwing curve balls and then you just have to keep bouncin and go with it. Sometimes things like this push us forward. Stay the course with renewed vigor!

Kwana said...

Thanks Patricia. It's so true. You gotta keep moving forward.

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