Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Knitting order

What's Jack up to? Jack busy being my live vacuum cleaner. Going around nibbling and licking things up off the floor. A sign of my poor housekeeping I'm sure. Thanks for the not so subtle hint, Jack.

Life is starting to feel terribly disordered. The bloom is off the rose of school already and the fangs are coming out on one of the dear teens. I tell ya, I'd love to always be one of those pretty young blogs, all sweet and pastel that talk about the bliss of domestic life and motherhood, but there are days when I just can't. I've got teens. Young teens. A boy and and girl and that means stress. So there.

I was doing some mommy blog hopping and honestly from what I can see from most of these pretty young blogs the moms have pretty young children so they are not living my life. This blog might be a lot prettier and a lot less driven toward my escape to non-reality tv if I my kids were 4 and not 14.

That said I'm feeling the need for some sort of order and control so I'm picking up another WIP for a few moments to soothe my mind and make me smile. Knitting anyone? I should at least be able to get these stitches in line if I can't my kids. At least this sock will be done.

What are some of your ways to de-stress?




Kristen Painter said...

I make jewelry (I used to knit, but hey, I live in FL now) and to really de-stress, I float in the pool. Man, nothing beats that. Except maybe a spa day. lol

pve design said...

Stressed...eat desserts ( stressed spelled backwards!
Then the sugar rush makes me clean and set up my work table so that I can draw and paint and try to work through it all. Exercise, a walk, yoga, listening to music always helps me!
Writing should help you too... lots of stories for other Mom's living the same life with teens. It is not for the weak - nor the timid! Hang in there.

Kwana said...

Kristen, I love the idea of making jewelry! Then you've got something really good to look back on when you're over the stress. The pool float is perfect.

PVE, Desserts. AHH! Nice. All your suggestions are wonderful. You're right, it's not for the weak or the timid. I've got to write it out.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I read magazines to de-stress. It's like taking a breather and escaping reality.

Yeah, I hear that raising teens is a challenge. I can only imagine.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You will be happy to know that I started a brand new knitting class last night! So I'll be prepared when stress comes up my front steps!

To be honest, this election is really stressing me out. I need to only read the arts section of the paper for a few days, I think.

pam said...

My best de-stresser is exercise, hitting the gym and the elliptical machine.

Now, note that I said that's the best....not the one I prefer. My method of choice is usually either a glass of wine, or a plate of nachos...or both. :) Chocolate helps too, or if my furrball kitty is around, I'll give her a hug, she's a great stress reliever.

Go ahead, try that with Jack. :)

Ann said...

I take off stress by blogging, believe it or not. And by reading and by watching DVDs. But based on experience, the best way to de-stress is to go to a spa or take a vacation.

N said...

Chocolate, Su Doku, shopping. Not necessarily in that order.

Breathe, sister...it will sync again soon!

And that sock will be oh-so-cozy come fall.

Off topic: your cole slaw was divine Sunday.

Kwana said...

Thanks for the fab de-stressors. Good luck with the knitting class Pamela. I know you'll love it!
Thanks for the thumbs up on my cole slaw, N

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