Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Mama's Girl

What's Jack up to? Jack is full of energy as I type this. Jumping and running trying to get someone to play with him and his toys. It's Reality Night night Jack. So it will not be me, Hon.

On America's Next Top Model it's the makeover episode and Tyra is stretching her acting chops? She's doing this strange Glenda the Good Witch thing which I just can't understand but whateves. Only Elina is afraid and cried her cold little heart out when she saw her red hair. Samantha cried, but was happy, but I have to say I love Sultan the makeup artist’s makeover with his short new do the best! The drama was low for a makeover show.
Then there was a Wal-Mart challenge where the girls went unscripted. The winner was little Hannah.
Back at the house Elina shared that she hates her mom. Ouch. I don’t even want to touch that. Living with my dear teens at the moment.
There was a swimsuit shoot and Mister J lets the girls fly solo. Most of the girls did well. Isis struggled with convincing the photographer with this one. Will she convince the judges? She did.
Going home this week was Brittney. I’m not sure I agree with this. I think she has more potential. Bad decision judges.

Now for Project Runway. It’s getting lean and mean with 2 designers gone last week. The show opens with Kenley still delusional.
And some women some out and the designer quickly insult them all and call them old ladies and pull horrid faces with sad music to match. Nice Bravo.
But the twist is they are not designing for them they’re designing for their daughters and giving them new looks.
Kenly is doing a 40’s or 50’s look for her girl
Korto is doing a wrap dress
Jerell has an awkward girl and has to be flirty and awkward too
Leanne has a teacher to design for with a push mom to boot.
Suede has a photographer who wants pants
Joe is doing a pants suit for his client to interview in.
Korto has taken Stella post as the new queen of Lea-tha. Fun. Back at the studio the designers are happy to spread out. Seems nobody is missing Blayne and Terri. So sad.

Clients come in with the moms for a fitting. Joe’s client not happy with the fabric.
Leanne’s client complaining like crazy. Poor Leanne. And Suede needs to change and make some pants. Suede is not happy. But a new day dawns and everything changes. The clients are much happier without their mother and a lot more manageable. Fancy that.
Tim is walking though.
Problem with Suede’s pockets.
Joe’s looks is not graphic designer. Joe’s not concerned. Kiss of death.
Jerell. Is ok but must clean up. Tim likie.
Kenley won’t listen to Tim. What else is new?
Runway day! And Kenley is confident she will be in the top 3. Sure. We’ll be the judge of that.
Guest judge this week is Cynthia Rowley.

Now for the show...

Joe- no-no-no

Leanne-cute teacher
Jerell-really nice. But what was Jerell wearing on his head? A nest?

Korto-ok- like jacket- don’t like the print
Suede-hottie pole dancer with funny jacket? No.

Kenley-ok but don’t like the print.

Ugh. Why is Kenly still laughing a people in the runway? She is so mean. Heidi, send her home for meanness. Ugh again.

The winner is Jerell! Good for him again. His look will be in Elle I’m so glad Kenley didn’t win.

Now for the loser. This week it’s Joe. Proving once again that not listening to Tim really is the kiss of death.

Next week LL Cool J is on and Kenley is called on her attitude. I’ll be tuning in. Make her cry Nina!



Kristen Painter said...

What was up with Tyra and the Glenda-vibe? Weird. Especially with those freaky contacts.

I love LL! I can't wait for next week's Project Mama Said Knock You Out.

pve design said...

Hate to "skirt" the issue, but can a girl please have some pants....I need some nice trousers, enough of these skirts, I tell ya.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Tyra is really working my last nerve this season and what is with all the black girls getting eliminated? I would have sent Hannah or Ashleigh before Brittany.

And Kenley is also getting on my nerves, the rolling of the eyes when Jerrel won, the comments about my precious Tim Gunn, and the laughter on The Runway? Childish and immature. As for Joe, ouch, that was so wrong. It was ugly and ill-fitting. Suede's was ugly too but at least it had personality, Joe's was just butt-ugly. Have you seen the pictures from the Bryant Park shows? Ouch mama! After seeing Joe's show, no wonder he's auf'd.

Amanda McCabe said...

I'm beginning to think Kenley must be color-blind, she picks the nastiest prints almost every week. And Joe--ugh. What was he thinking??

Muriel Mercurial said...

I never fully comprehended how crazy Tyra was until lastnight's episode. Not to say it wasn't a fabulous episode.

Thanks for the kind words yesterday! I really like your blog, and your dog is adorable.

David Dust said...

I cannot wait for LL Cool J next week. Now that's a MAN!

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.

:) said...

oh gawd! kenley what is up with that chick? she's too full of herself she can't see straight! DID anyone else notice the withering look she gave to Jerell when he was pronounced winner? and then she looked pissed and sarcastic when they said she was "in?"

yeah make her cry Nina!

Eileen said...

I had to skip America's Next Top Model because I haven't seen it yet. I do love Project Runway and I got to watch it last night. I was a little upset I liked Joe. OK he is a little out of touch!!! Maybe I am not a designer but I do like clothes and Kenely stuff is Fugly to me!!!

Kwana said...

Looks like we'll all e happy to see LL next week. Think he'll take his shirt off? I wonder if it will be a big ol Sears promo.

I agree with you PVE about the skirts. I think they are taking the easy was out and not doing pants.

E your are right on TOp model they are getting rid of all the black models pretty fast. Brittney was a mistake. I have not seen pics of the shows yet.

Thanks for the sweet works Muriel. Come back again.

We'll be dishing next week David.

We will all be screaming at Kenley next week.

Marley Gibson said...

Tyra was CREEPING me out in this episode. I wanted her to shut up. The show is just pure farce now. Still...I watch...

ProjRun wasn't the best episode, but I was happy to see Jerel win. He's got to quit wearing the Roman/Greek laurel wreaths though...that was just weird!

Kwana said...

You are so right Mar.

Be the change..... said...

I was horrified at Joe's -I never really liked him so wasn't sad to see him go. I thought Korto's jacket was cute but didn't look like it fit correctly - like the girl was busting out of the coat -I realize that was how it was designed though.
I agree with PVE, it's like the designers are scared of pants! Dresses are alright in their place and certainly pretty, but not realistic!!

Kwana said...

You're right Be The Change. They are scared of skirts.

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