Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Musings

What's Jack up to? Jack's chilling after a busy Sunday in the neighborhood full of fun at our annual block party. Hopefully it will be a quiet Monday for him.

It's going to be a work Monday for me. Time to get back to my WIP after stepping away for quite a while. Now that the kids are back in school it's time for me to really get real and as Tim Gunn says, "Make It Work." If not now, I don't know when.

Speaking of making it work, did anyone see the season premier of America's Next Top Model last week? I swear it's Tyra's world and we're just living in it. I enjoyed it though. As silly as it was with the whole futuristic thing for the first hour with Tyrabot, Alpha J, and Beta J. I don't know what they were smoking?
Sidebar: For all you writers with piles of rejection letters look of Joclyn who tried out for Top Model 30 times before making it on the show. Don't ask me how she did it with it being only cycle 11 or 12, but she did. So don't give up. Keep writing and keep submitting.

There were some interesting moments in between the show with Whitney's My Life As A CoverGirl spots which I really liked and also the new what are the models up to spots. This week featuring Tocarra.
This season to spice thing up there's a transgender model named Isis and it's causing all sorts of controversy just like the producers hoped it would. But Isis does take some fierce pictures and will prove to be a tough opponent.

My pick for some girls to watch are: Joclyn, Elina, Isis, Brittnay and Marjorie

Photos thanks to CW and top from Connie Briscoe's blog



Kristen Painter said...

I really like the chick who looks like Kimora (although in my head, that's the only name I can think of for her). She makes me laugh.

It's going to be a fun season, I can say that much. And yes, what was up with that whole space thing?

Kwana said...

I kinda liked the Kimora wannabee too but she still has to grow on me. I'm not sure if she's being herself of not. She's cute though. She was so off and on my list. Maybe next week?

The space thing was crazy.

Melissa Walker said...

HOO-Ray for Toccara getting so many pages in the famous Italian Vogue issue!

And yes, Sheena is on my list! :)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I can't wait to watch this season of ANTM! I have it DVR'd so hopefully I'll find to watch it this week!! :-)

Kwana said...

Yes, Melissa I just love Tocarra and I'm thrilled for her fame. Love the curvy girls!

I hope you get to watch BG. It looks to be a fun season.

pve design said...

Like Andy Warhol, we all need 1o seconds of fame.
Write for fame and fortune and fun.

Mekhismom said...

Ohh - another ANTM fan. Did you see it tonight? So glad Isis is still in the running!

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