Friday, September 12, 2008

How my garden grows

What's Jack up to? Right now he's ignoring me as I'm calling him and I'm sure he's getting into something that he's definitely not supposed to. I should be very afraid and I am.

It's finally Friday for a week that I thought would never end. Not that it's the end. The weekend will be just and busy and filled with stress and the week. But onto better things. After my sad gardening post I wanted to post some good gardening news. We did actually see some fruits from our labors this year. I'm sure next year will be better. Lessons have been learned.

Tomatoes on the vine


Very Strange cucumber that I'm afraid to try

A nice ripe tomato

Have a wonderful weekend!




Lise said...

So excited to see you garden, too, Kawna! I've got monster gardens all over - in fact, I've banished grass entirely and all I do is garden. My veggie section was fairly poor this year, too, though the tomatoes and basil have been prime.

Good luck with the end of season harvests, and try not to get carried away with those seed catalogues over the winter! It can be a killer!

I've got seed companies who think I'm a professional farmer, I buy so many seeds.

Kristen Painter said...

Did you make fried green tomatoes? I LOVE those. Please make them and invite me. lol

pve design said...

what fun to see the fruits of your labors. a garden is hard work, especially keeping those critters out!
A+ for effort.

Kwana said...

Thanks Lise. I've never gotten into seeds but you've gotten me thinking now. I'll try and not be tempted. I'd love to see your garden it sounds fab.

I've never made Fried Green tomatoes. I'm going to give it a try Kristen. If you can hop a flight come on over!

Thanks for the 'A' Patricia. The critters are such a pain.

N said...

Beautiful veggies! Make a special salad, take a picture of it.

Don't be afraid of the cuke. It's great.

jax said...

I respect anyone who has a green thumb. Mine is black and I'm a "green" girl. Go figure.

I'm certain that when I get my dream home, it will include an herb garden. How can one go wrong with herbs? I'll have to get pointers when I start growing all the other yummy veggies. Those tomatoes look sooo delish!

Kwana said...

Thanks N. I've give the cuke a try. Eek!

Jax my thumb is pretty black most of the time. I kill all house plants and can only grow impatients. I've tried my hands a herbs in pots, but had no success. I haven't been brave enough to try outside.

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