Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Call That Reading?

What's Jack up to? The wild one did the run out the door and down the block trick yesterday. After much calling my DH finally lured him back by opening the car door and getting him to run in. Sucker.
Folks are always shocked then they find out that Jack actually went to 6 weeks of doggy obedience school. And passed. What up with that? Think he was a part of that no child left behind deal? Sigh.

I’m so excited. After being about 242 or something in line my number was finally called and I got a hold of the audio version of Janet Evanovich’s Fearless Fourteen on CD. I promise once I’m as huge as Ms. Janet and am up to number 14 in my series I won’t hold it against any of you for waiting it out for the library copy and not buying my cd from the bookstore. That said I’ll have Fearless Fourteen loaded in my iPod in no time and have Stephanie, Lula, Ranger and Joe to look forward to on my walks with Jack. Yippee!

I may have asked this question here before, but how many of you out there listen to books on tape or cd? Do any of you do like me and put them on your iPods? And do you consider it really reading or do you get a slightly dreamy/movie effect like I do from it. I’ll admit it’s a different feel than actually reading a book. But with my TBR (to be read) pile teetering on burying me or causing my divorce and the fact that there are just so many books I want to get to, books on CD are a wonderful time saver and loads of fun with the right narrator.

What do you all think out there? What type of books do you listen too? I’ll stop back later. Right now Jack and I are going for a walk!



Marg said...

Listening to the book is different to reading the book, but I definitely still count it at reading.

At the moment I am listening to Great Expecations by Charles Dickens.

Mel Francis said...

i love listening to books on my iPod. For years, I had an membership and I just downloaded them to my iPod, but I had to cut expenses and that was one place I cut back.

It has to be a good reader though, or it will ruin the story.

Kristen Painter said...

I have never listened to a book on tape. I'm always afraid I'll start thinking about something else and miss a whole chapter. Concentration is not my strong point.

mommythe said...

when i used to commute to work all the time, i was too tired to read all the books I had borrowed from the library so i started renting the audio tapes. i got to tell you driving and listening to the tapes doesn't work. my eyes just glaze over and i really can't pay attention to what i'm listening to. books are meant to be read the old fashioned way w/o multi-tasking! but that's just me!
altho i can see myself LISTENING to Dante's Inferno or War & Peace just bec reading them would be so daunting!

Kwana said...

Thanks Marg. I'll have to give a classic a try. I'm glad you still count it as reading.

I'm glad you're with me, Mel. It's a good way to get through the many books we want. A way to cut the expense is to use the library. You just have to have patience to wait for the cd's and so the downloads that way for you iPod. You are so right. A good reader will ruin the story.

To that point Kristen a good reader will have you so pulled into the story you will be totally focused. Give it a try.

Driving can me tough Mommy the Robot. It's good for mindless chores like laundry, washing dishes and walking the dog. But I have done it while driving and been ok.

PBW said...

I love audio books. I have Fearless 14, but listening to a Jane Green book right now.

I plug the pod into the Bose speakers in the kitchen and listen to it when I'm cooking. Don't listen to 'em in the car.

Oh, my favs to listen to are Sophie Kinsella books.

sula said...

I lurve audiobooks and always have. I usually end my day nodding off to sleep while listening to one. Like having a bedtime story read to you. heh. :)

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