Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School!

What's Jack up to? Jack is confused today. It's the first day of school and he's wondering where the heck everyone went off to?

Today is the first day of school. I can't believe it. I've actually got sophomores in high school. I'm way too young for that. Aren't I? Come on please agree with me. As with every other first day of school. I got all choked up. I can't help it. I always cry when my babies go off to school. As much as they make me crazy it always tears me up to let them go. My wish for them is a successful and happy year with low drama and lots of laughs. Fingers crossed. Check them out from a great day in Central Park so many years ago. Oh my Dear Twins go forth and do well!

Switching Gears...

I know my little writing blog has been extremely political as of late and I do apologize if I’m boring or offending anyone, but this is just what’s on my mind right now and hey, it's my blog. I will get happy soon. Hey, Project Runway comes on tonight! Meanwhile...I may get in a little trouble here, but I'm writing anyway.

Today I can’t help but talk more about VP pick Palin and what’s going on in her family and the whole spin that’s being put on it. I’m not coming down on the daughter here. I’m with Barack on that. I’m coming down on the party and the wacky spin that’s being put on it. Why do I feel like it's being used as a stepping stone on the way to the White House? Something doesn't sit right with me on that.

Talk about hypocrisy. Suddenly teenage out of wedlock pregnancy is not a big deal when it’s someone on the right side of the American flag. I can’t help but wonder if it would be a completely different story if it had happened to a girl from the left side of the tracks. It amazes me that they can put smiles on their faces and say it’s ok that this young girl is having a baby at such an early age. How many times have I seen a Stepford smile over they past few days and someone saying that this is an everyday occurrence and not a big deal. Who is supposed to be drinking this Kool Aid? Why is nothing is being said about how her life will change and how many opportunities she may miss? What are we supposed to tell our daughters when they say, “see what’s the big deal? The Vice President’s daughter did it?”

I wonder if Gov. Palin, if she’s elected, will set up adequate funding for all the young unwed mothers in the inner city who do not have strong families behind them with moose hunting mamas and papas that can't arrange shotgun weddings, but instead find themselves pregnant and without the father in sight, but only Maury Povich and a sorry paternity test?
Will she fund programs that provide health care for the mothers and the babies or help those mothers get back on track with their lives once the babies are born? I wonder. The whole thing boggles my mind and weighs heavy on my heart. What say you people? Give it to me.



Megan Frampton said...

You make a lot of good points, Kwana. I bet there will be NO funding for unwed moms. This is such a desperation move.

David Dust said...

Kwana -

You aren't ever going to bore or offend ME by writing about politics. As you said, it's YOUR blog - write about whatever is on your mind.

I just read that Gov. Palin actually CUT funding for unwed mothers in Alaska - talk about hypocrisy. And you are absolutely right - can you imagine if Obama had a 17-year-old pregnant daughter!?!! Lordy, those right-wing crazies would be screaming at the top of their lungs.

It seems the slogan for the Republican party should be: "Do as I SAY, not as I DO".

Kwana said...

Thanks, Megan. You're right it is a desperation move. I hope it doesn't work.

Thanks for that bit of info David. It's so sad. Cutting funding, huh? Don't get me going. I will be nuts until election time. Thanks for sticking with me and my crazy blog.

pve design said...

Oh dear, where have all the years gone... how swiftly those twins have grown! Continue to inspire and to want the best for your offspring as well as others.

We Moms, unwed or wedded all need support, especially while raising children.

Louisa Edwards said...

She's never going to up funding for unwed mothers; she's forcing her daughter to marry that boy and using this as a shining example of how perfectly pro-life she is.

PBW said...

Why compound a teen pregnancy with a teen marriage?

I think I would have made those twins stay babies forever. What cuties!

Kwana said...

Yes, PVE we do all need support and to inspire.

Sadly I agree with you Louisa.

Thanks PBW. I do miss those babies. Time has flown by.

Carleen Brice said...

That's the cutest pic ever!

How not to be political right now? The stakes are too high to shut up.

Rachel said...

Your little ones are adorable - hard to believe they are sophmores, how time flies!!

Politics are always a tough issue, especially with this election it seems. I think it's very sad that her daughter is in the media's eye right now, shame on them. I do think that while she admits it's not something she would have ever hoped to deal with as a parent, that she is giving her daughter love & support.

Uptake said...

Agree on all points, too young to have a sophomore, health care for unwed mother's is a must.

Wendy Toliver said...

I know how you feel about time slipping away. Now that my middle son is in kindergarten, I've got two of three in school now. It's funny to see how independent the kindergartener is. He wanted his own house key to use when he gets off the bus and a cell phone to tell me he's home and not to worry. (I'm not sure where he thinks I am going to be, but okaaaay.)

Kwana said...

Thanks for chiming in Carleen, Rachel and Uptake!

Wendy that is so funny about your son. I'm cracking up over him:)

Natalie Hatch said...

Cute twins, then they turn into teens. Argh..
I don't know much about this Palin lady, Australia isn't that interested in mucky American Politics we've got our own to worry about (lets not go there). I can understand why theres a kafuffle about this teen getting pregnant, but forcing her to marry the dropkick? Sheesh.

mrsbear said...

OMG those babies are sophomores in high school, no wonder you're sad. What a great photo!

As for the politics, there's nothing you said I can disagree with. The vibe of "it's ok, she's getting married now" is rather disconcerting. Write on.

Thanks for stopping by also. :-)

sula said...

i like it when you talk politics. cuz it's totally on my mind lately and i am so nervous for the next two months. gotta get me down to the obama hq in my little virginia town and get involved. our state matters this time around!!! :-)

jax said...

Your babies are adorable! Well, I'm sure they'll be embarrassed to know you still post their baby pics.

I've learned to keep my mouth shut about politics a long time ago. I'm just really displeased at the moment and I can only hope for the best....sigh.

My main concern is all these hurricanes coming my way! That's what I'm focusing on.

Decorina said...

Hi Kwana, saw your post over on Decorno and wanted to visit yours, too.

I too departed my usual blogging path and have been talking about politics. While the number of visitors jumped way off the number of "anon" posters went way up. Their posts aren't pretty.

David Dust is right - Ms. Palin vetoed the funding for unwed mothers in Alaska. And in one of my own posts I titled it Double Standards and Hypocrisy, just because I'm sick of watching the GOP blast Dems for something but then turn a blind eye when it is one of them exhibiting the same behavior.

I fear I've lost some viewers who didn't know about my political views before I took the blog that way, but as you said. My blog.

Your kids are beautiful. And I really like your writing!

Kwana said...

Thanks Natalie. The teen years are just nuts! I'm sorry to tell ya:)

Thanks for the comment Mrs.bear!

Jax all the Hurricanes are scary right now. The Twins are used to me and all my Pics. My daughter is mad because she cam be the 'model' for my blog. at 14 she's been watching too much ANTM!

Thanks for stopping my Decorina and for the nice words about my writing. This whole election has me fired up. I hope it has enough other people fired up to really think and get involved. It is all too important.

Ellen Gerstein said...

Palin's already cut funding for unwed mothers in AK, and believes in abstinence only sex education (an oxymoron if I ever heard one). What's really bothering me now is the critics who are attacking her, blaming her career ambitions for her daughter's situation. I'm no fan of hers, but I don't see how you can say her being Governor got her daughter to do the nasty with her baby daddy. That's the bee in my bonnet today.

Kwana said...

Thanks for chiming in Ellen. I agree with you, teens will do what teens will do. There is a lot more to get into a debate with her about on my side.

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