Thursday, September 11, 2008

Project- Licous

What's Jack up to? Lately Jack has taken to taking me for walks just for the fun of it. I think he's trying to get me to exercise more. Can't really fault him for that, can I? Good dog.

America's Next Top Model is on and thanks to a friend I’m watching. I almost forgot. So much reality and too much stress in my life to watch.
Top model is top crazy with a bunch of silly girls let lose for the first time in the big city with a way too hot hot tub. It's bound to spell hormones and trouble. Poor Hannah let her ignorance show by pushing Isis then is ambushed. Sheena’s hooch kept coming out and Clark’s closet lesbianism leaked a bit too. All's fair in Tyra’s world. Now can we please get to the show?
Bring on Bennie Ninja I want a pose off! Hey he’s wearing a jaunty hat. The girls are modeling accessories. Poor Nikeysha. She is a hot mess. Sheena places the bag right in the wrong spot, between her legs. Yowza! Elina win the challenge.
Elimination challenge this week is a photo shoot from a ladder hanging from a hot air balloon. Uh-oh. But that have to fake it due to high winds and fear of law suits.
The first models come out and are bringing it. Then the girls start to fall flat. Really flat.
Quick wrap up- Nekeysha is out this week. You just knew it was coming. The poor girl was in way over her head.

It’s in the stars on Project Runway it starts and out comes the ousted designers and they are teamed with the in designers and told to go crazy with their signs.
Keith and Terri- Leo
Blayne and Stella- Libra – Holla at ya boy.
Leanne and Emily- Scorpio
Kenley and Wesley- Aquarius
Suede and Jerry- Libra
Joe and Daniel choose Aries
Korto and Kelli- Aquarius
Jerell and Stella- Sagittarius School marm.
Keith and Terri and are volatile mix and Keith is feeling fragile. Awww. Kenley is in love with herself and her design and annoying everyone. She disses Tim a sure kiss of death.
The next day the designers are greeted with a note that says be ready to party with the looks early and oh, 2 designers will be eliminated. Ouch. HAMMER TIME!

Then Grim Tim comes in with news that they have 1 hour to get party ready and there will no longer be immunity for any of the challenges. Thanks Tim!
The designers with their pinned together designs head to the Planetarium for a party and meet the PR all stars including: Carmen, Daniel V, Jay and Christian who will be judging their designs up close and personal.
Then after the party they head back and get to work on the garments a bit more before the next day’s runway show.
Terri and Keith are still not working well and Keith takes a nap. Nice. Tim even has to wake him for the show.

Hey Nina’s back. Sunshine has entered the building. Here we go...
Blayne - No. what is that?

Kenley- ok but nothing to do with Aquarius

Terri- Just ok I don’t like the fabric.

Korto- Yes. Nice

Joe- Ok

Jerell- Yes. Very good.
Leanne- yes.

Suede- No
Ha! Is Suede actually talking in 3rd person on the runway? Yes, he is. Thanks Suede you are so nutty.
Now to the judging. The winner this week is: Jerell! Good for him. Tough sign and he did well with it. I’m glad to see him get a win with his catty self.

Out this week is – Blayne. Buh-bye 'licous'! So sad. Holla.

And Terri- I think it was time for her to go. Things were getting tired.

No time to blog about it but for a fun change of pace check out Top Design. Interesting characters and great designs ideas plus perky Todd Oldham. I like this show. And it's Bravo, you can always catch it on some off time. This week the designers decorated bunkers and made them so chic. If the designers could do that, surely I could do something with my space. A fun and inspirational show. Totally makes you want to buy a can of paint and get to work. This was a grey bunker at the start of the show.

pics thanks to CW and Bravo



Kristen Painter said...

Yep, it was definitely Nekeysha's time to go (I know I'm not spelling that right). She was like a bicycle rider at a Harley convention.

And can I just say how happy I was to see Blaynelicious go home? Ugh, his stuff was just tragic.

My favorite of the night was Joe. I would have totally worn that dress.

Can't comment on Top Design as I'm actually watching that right now on DVR.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

It was so Blayne's time to go. Loved Michael Kors's comment that his model was pooping fabric. As for Terri, she had a choice and she chose to let her dislike of Keith cloud her judgement. She should have just sucked it up and at least tried to work with him but instead she decided to be bitchy and antagonistic and it bit her in the butt.

As for Kenley, that wasn't avant-guarde, that was avant-ugly. It was like the love child of Vivienne Westwood and Dolce and Gabbana and not in the good way. At what was that comment about not looking at the collections? Say what?

Mel Francis said...

I'll admit it. I'm going to totally miss Blayne. He drove me nuts at first, but he was so cute every time he got Tim Gunn to try to say 'Holla at your boy!' LOL And I loved how he called Stella 'Barbarella' and she responded. that was priceless.

I liked Kenley's dress, but I hated her attitude last night. (plus, it was a bad interpretation of Aquarious) She gets very defensive and she needs to learn to listen to Tim. He's right every time. Like when he told Jerell "You're either going to win or go home." And look what happened!

I heart Korto. i am still rooting for my Little Rock girl!

and Leanne! Wow! Another big hit. She's this year's stealthy competition I think.

I loved Joe's dress but knew he wouldn't win because they gave him almost ZERO air time yesterday.

And can I say how happy I am that Terri is gone? That girl worked every last nerve I had. Sheesh. And seeing her and Keith together was enough to make me wanna poke out my eyes.

Top Design is a fun show. I LOVED the ending last night!

Mekhismom said...

Thanks for the updates. I was trying to catch PR on the late night rerun but feel asleep. The recap was great.
I haven't been watching it this season - somehow I have missed it but am catching up.

I don't watch TD either.

Blogging is keeping me away from TV.

jax said...

I'm sooo waiting for the marathon. I've missed too much of the show to start watching now so I will have a PR day and kick back.

I do like Joe's design. The chocolate and layering of the fabric is always a fave of mine.

As for Top Model...I'm so glad that girl was booted off. She was a tad annoying.

Kwana said...

I think you spelled it right Kristen.

I will miss crazy Blayne a bit too Mel he started to grow on me. Not the designs so much just him. Like an annoying house guest.

I'm glad you like the updates Mekhismom keep coming back!

Kenley was such a pain last night E with that attitude she will be next to go.

Jax the marathons are the best!

Eileen said...

I am back to blogging and back to watching all my reality TV. It is so much fun!!! The Finale of Big Brother is coming up on the 16th. I am enjoying the beginning of these shows too!!! I am watching them all!!!

mommythe said...

i think it was bad karma when that sad kevin guy got teamed up w terri. then they hated each other and you know how the judges have been lately hating that kind of attitude! not so impressed w jerell's dress. i thought leanne was going to win again!

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