Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Glamor Girl

What's Jack up to? Jack is trying hard to get into the back to school swing. Just when he got used to the nuttiness of summer, poof, everyone was gone. I'll try and rouse him a bit today. The poor thing spent all day on the couch yesterday just waiting for the Dear Twins to come home.

Man, was my house wild last night. In the early evening I had the pleasure of visiting with my dear buddy PVE. Shout out to JJ who is looking mighty fine! I got to finally meet her lovely and talented sister Liz. If she lived in NY I'd enjoy talking her ears off just like I do Patricia's. Then it was back home for taco night to celebrate the first day for school and hear all the back to school drama. Fun.
Then it was school supply mania as the twins worked on getting their many binders organized. Why is it that now every teacher wants their own notebook. What's up with that? Remember back in the day when you were fine with one notebook and if you were really lucky or "rich" you had a Trapper Keeper? Those twins needed 5 binders each. That's a bit much I think. What about the families with 3, 4 or dare I say 5 kids? I think you know who I'm talking about. It's expensive and a back breaker.
While all this is going on I come to find out it's the season premiere of America's Next Top Model. What?! Quick get me to the DVR! We'll have to deal with that later. I'm trying to get ready for Project Runway and the fact that I've got to watch the RNC and The Sara Palin speech. Then I find out the the new Top Design Show is Premiering. It's overload. Yikes! I'll handle what I can. It was Project Runway while blogging notes then the DH and I watched the convention while multi-tasking kids, lunch, school and yelling "what tha blank did she just say!" through the house.

Now for the fun of Project Runway.
Project Runway is on with no Shaggy Keith, but some tired designers. Tim comes to the designers on the Runway with Heidi and tells them they are designing for a fashion legend. He takes them immediately to meet the legend. They are walking and walking. For some reason Blayne wants it to be Mary Kate Olson. Why? He is a strange bird.

They arrive at Diane von Furstenberg’s showroom and Kenley in ready to burst into tears. Sweet. Someone tase her. They have to design an outfit inspired by the 1948 movie A Foreign Affair with Marlene Dietrich. This sounds like a really fun challenge. And the winning look will be sold to American Express card members and some proceeds going to the CFDA Fund. The designers even get to rummage in Diane’s fabric closet. Yummy!

Back in the work room and Suede launches into 3rd person. He’s back to normal which is so not.
Blayne is doing Flashdance in his own look with this crazy headband but I’m taken by his sketching ability. Fierce.
Joe is ragging on Terri. Why? Kenley is doing a dress and very worried about it. Stella is taking the spy theme quite far and being a secretive. Cool. Plus she pulled out this low brimmed hat to design in so no one can see her eyes. I'm suspicious.
Grim Tim comes in for this walk though.
Suede. Tim doesn’t get it.
Leanne-Jacket needs work. Think about it.
Joe- Shanghai ambitious.
Korto-design is growing on Tim
Stella-Doesn’t know where the inspiration woman is from. I see a problem here.
Kenley- Tim sees Shanghai. He likes it.

Runway day, Hooray! But I’m afraid lots of the designs still look a hot mess. Joe? Stella?
But let’s get to the Runway. Here we go…

Joe- No. No. No.

Leanne –Yes! Lovely dress. Love the back.


Jerell-Yes, but lose the hats already.

Korto-yes. Pretty yellow.

Blayne-yes jacket- no to the pantlets.

Suede-ok? No not really?

Stella-No. What's with the cape.

Kenley-yes. Lovely dress. Perfect fit.

The winner is Leanne. It’s her second. Win is a row. Wow. Leanne goes from under the radar to a formidable competitor. Nice.

And out this week is Stella. I’m shocked. I would have sworn it would be have been Joe with that wackiness he did this week. But Stella seemes like shes ready to go. The woman is taking her pleather cape, black eyeliner and she is out. Tim is like Buh-bye! Strange night.

We'll talk more reality once I catch up. Later!



MariaGeraci said...

I really hated Joe's outfit, but I knew Stella was going. She's been in the bottom too many times now:(

Kristen Painter said...

They're really starting to show who they are now, aren't they? And can I just say, I am STILL sick of Blayne. Mary Kate likes a tan? Puh-lease.

Mel Francis said...

ok, blayne is kinda growing on me. Maybe like a fungus but whatev.

I thought Korto should win. Her dress and jacket was amazing. Leanne's dress was gorgy but that jacket? Ugh. So bland compared to the dress. I loved Kenley's dress...if she would've made a 2nd piece she would've won.

Terri bugs me. I'm beginning to think she's a one-trick pony. And Kenley better step it up next time or they'll suspect she's a one-trick pony as well.

I think this is Korto's show to lose. I heart her. Plus, she's a Little Rock Girl!

Kwana said...

Hi Maria. You may be right about Stella. Although Joe's outfit was butt ugly she was in the bottom a lot.

They really are, Kristen. The cream is rising. Blayne is a character and has some mistakes but some parts are winners. He still is a hot tan mess.

Mel, I get you. I loved Blayne sketch last night. I think it is Kortos to lose and Terri does have to step out of her box with those three pieces. Leanne surprised me and I though the jacket was not the best but worked for the era.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Great recap. Im glad Stella is out, she was getting on my last nerve.

I usually love Kenley's stuff but this week it was bad. That print was hideous!

Suzie said...

I gotta catch up on my project runway I am way behind

Be the change..... said...

I liked stella's attitude when she left - it was refreshing. Not a sore loser! I LOVED Leanne's outfit -it made the other's look like amateurs for the most part! She really hit the nail on the head. Kenley's dress was perfect, but she had a bad cocky attitude and she did only a dress, while someone like leanne did a more complicated dress AND A jacket -and like they pointed out the collection was about layering. Go team leanne!

Randy said...

Random comments: Loved the surprise of yellow under the black print on Korto's...thought Leanne's dress was gorgeous and correct me if I'm wrong, but I got confused here--didn't her original design show a cropped jacket?? But then when Tim came in it was all droopy and long, so he suggested shortening it and she did? Unless they edited something, her instinct was right-on, but it was Tim's confirming advice that won the night for her...finally, although i didn't absolutely love Kenley's, she was smart to do one piece really, really, well--and that print was right up Diane Von Furstenberg's (sp?) alley...I definitely thought it would be Joe that went--his mess was a disaster, whereas Stella's was just a tad off. After gradually getting accustomed to her personality, I was sorry to see her go!

Marley Gibson said...

I really thought Joe was out the door. I didn't think Stella's outfit was as bad as they were letting on. I'm soooo ready for Blayne and his tan and his crush on Mary-Kate to LEAVE!!! I think there are some really good designers left and it's going to be hard to part with some of them.

Thought Korto's dress should have one. Loved it!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Seriously, Blayne thinks that Mary-Kate Olson is a legend? Brittany Spears is more of a legend than Mary-Kate Olson! I was happy for Stella and her leathuth to go, but did love her dis of Rachel Zoe. Didn't Joe make the same exact outfit that had a funky fit for the Olympic Challenge? Maybe Joe should just not ever make a skirt or a blouse and just dresses.

Kwana said...

Great comments everyone! I'm starting to think that Blayne is auditioning for a job with Mary Kate she has enough money to totally fund him with his own line. Way more than Bluefly.

Not smart of Stella to diss Rachael Zoe. She's a stylist for the stars. Doesn't Stella think down the road a bit?

David Dust said...

I am SO going to miss Stella! And WHAT is up with JerHell and his habit of putting a hat on his model's head?!?

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.

:) said...

oh i was rooting for joe to go too! i mean his did look Home-Eeeeekkkk! altho Stella looked like she was struggling w the past 2 challenges. I love that girl who won (cant remember her name) she has interesting aesthetic!

Kwana said...

Jerell and those hats are killing me, David.

MommytheTobot I love that- HomeEeeekkkK!!

sula said...

good wrap up. I would have been fine with either joe or stella leaving. the tailoring on those pants and vest was pretty awful tho. I bet Joe leaves soon. If I have to hear Blaine say "-licious" on the end of some random word one more time, I swear.... gah!

p.s. re: the speech last night. seems it was very energizing for the base. Well, at least for the Obama base. Apparently, over $8 million in donations have poured in since last night. :)

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