Saturday, May 9, 2009

80's Crazy

It's 80's Crazy with some friends from the neighborhood tonight and I was looking for a little fashion inspiration. Thought I'd share the fun with you all. I still have no idea what I'm gonna wear tonight though. Sigh.



Frau said...

Love the 80's! Wear leggings and big blazer definately spike your hair! Have fun and Happy Mother's Day!

pve design said...

Hey neighbor, thanks for the inspiration!
Practicing my dance moves now...ha!

Carolyn Crane (aka Carolyn Jean) said...

Good luck, Kwana! You know you can't go wrong with stirrup pants.

David Dust said...

I have one word for you: NEON.

OMG - that "Forgotten" medley video was excellent!!!!

Have fun.


Joyce said...

Make room on the dance floor for P and K to breakout a dance move.
Have good ole fun time at the party!

Happy Mother's Day Kwana!! xoxo

Fresh Mommy said...

Hahhaa, I'm sure you can find some great inspiration from all that!!


Ina in Alaska said...

Oh the 80s were such fun!!! Leggings are back!! Hope you had a great time!!!

We all wish you a very happy Mother's Day!! xoxo

Tamstyles said...

happy mothers day!

Ondo Lady said...

I remember all these songs, the 80s were my era and I really loved it.

Millie said...

Anything with big, gigantic shoulder pads will see you right Kwana! I've gone into a catatonic state at the thought of stirrup leggings - OMG!
Millie ^_^

My Notting Hill said...

What a great blast from the past. Hope the party was fun!

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