Monday, May 18, 2009

Temptation vs. Tests

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been busy this weekend trying hard to get his fair share of attention through the ups and downs of family mess and me just being dog tired. He’d come over to my side of the bed as I’d lay there not wanting to move and give a low whisper woof and a little nudge of the bed. Then when I didn't move he’d amp it up to a whine and a shove until finally it was an all out bark and, “get up woman and get me out side!”

This has been a week of strife. Finally on Saturday night I sent out this tweet in frustration:
“If this is all a test- I'll take my F now. Washing machine breaks down full of wet clothes. Blow dryer takes out half the lights in my house”

It just seems that it’s all been one big pile on after another. I’m sure many of you out there know how that is especially if you have kids and extra especially if you have teens. We won't even get into the "R" word.

The young adult novel that I’m working on is just right about there. So close to done, but really not done because it’s in the editing stage. The toughest stage of all for me. When I’m getting feedback from my critique partners that can make the fragile neurotic writer in me quickly turn into the stereotypical doom and gloom alkie.

Thankfully, things happen to give me that much needed push to go on and away from the bottle. Whew!

I was wiped out on Sunday with a migraine and didn’t want to go to church but the DD did. I think to see friends. So I got up and out. There was a guest preacher, the mother of one of the ministers on our staff.

The young minister got up to introduce his mom and the way he spoke just warmed my heart. Speaking off the cuff about the woman who, “had to lay Godly hands on him” when he was almost kicked out of school as a young boy, but was the smartest and best woman he knows. I laughed and knew I was there for a reason.

Then she opened her mouth and started to speak about being Tested versus being Tempted. That confirmed it. Headache or not, yep, I was in the right place. The words that got me were that temptation is put forward for you to fail. A Test is set up for you to pass. I’ve never thought of it that way.

I’ve been tempted plenty of times to give up on things like hard projects or diets or worse this writing dream. Saying, it’s too hard I can’t do it, I’m not talented enough. But it’s all just really a test. And like I tell my children, there are no shortcuts and I must keep persevering until I pass this and all my other tests.

I know I will.

Have you been Tempted lately? Think of it as just a Test. One you can Ace!

Just as a but of added conformation my DD got word late in the evening that she made Dance Company (remember the audition a few weeks ago). She didn't make it last year but as a mom I didn't let her give up and her spirit didn't let her either. She passed the test.



pve design said...

Keep looking up - The tests or temptations are nothing compared to the "sacrifice" of a Mom and that of a writer or any creative person. Encouragement and looking forward - with a plan for a "Yes" or a "Light" at the end of the tunnel is what it is all about.
Keep looking for the light, even in the darkest of days.

pve design said...

One more thing, did you see your followers....that is what Jesus had too, they never doubted him, they stuck by him. that is what friends are for so when those temptations try to intercede, call on your friends. Tests, I think there is nothing you cannot handle after being a Mom of twins.
oh, and need I mention that Jack. He is one big test!
I love how he woofs you.

heidi said...

YAY for DD!!!!
Also, just so you know, mercury retrograde has been making appliances & communications breakdown.
It will be moving forward again in a week. :-)

Debra said...

You have a full plate with editing, teens, home and hearth.
You must take time for yourself and swing around and give yourself a pat on the back. Happy day to you Kwana.

Frau said...

Yeah! For DD so happy for her!Thanks for your post today, always struggling here in the land of Germans, need to start looking at it as a test! Have a wonderful Monday!

Joyce said...

Oh that Jack! First congrats to your DD!!!
I believe there was someone in the higher power area leading to church yesterday. Don't you think? Gives me the chills when this kind of stuff happens.

Thanks for asking, but oh my dear friend there wouldn't be enough room here to share the list of temptation vs test. I do believe there is someone better off and worse off, so I just enjoy the bumpy ride until it lands where "I" like it to be.
As Patricia says call on your friends.
Sending you hugs and wishes for a golden day! xoxo...

Sarah Tormey said...

Heidi, Thanks for the mercury in retrograde reminder! I figured it was just bad luck when the power went out over on Saturday afternoon before I was able to blow dry my hair and did not return until after I left to attend my friend's wedding:)

N said...

Hooray for the DD! What a wonderful achievement!

Remember that says something about you too. I'd say you already passed some tests in the last few days...

Kristen Painter said...

I hope this week is better for you. And you know, going to church always gets my head in the right place!

Louisa Edwards said...

Isn't it crazy when we end up in just the right spot to hear what we need to hear in that moment? Of course, it's not just luck--you have to be active in putting yourself in the way of those possibilities, and you have to be open and listening. So way to go!

Ina in Alaska said...

I have nothing to add here that has not already been well said by the other wise commenters!! Have a wonderful day Kwana.... xoxo

Tanya said...

Congrats on your daughter's success. LOL, I used to own a dance studio years ago. As far as perseverance goes, we all need some kind support along the way, human and divine. I'm presently fighting the doldrums myself. Two recent agent rejections, an editor that didn't think series or sequels with same H&H sell, and I hit a brick wall with research on my second WIP (LOL- a sequel!)But today I'll finish the first chapter and stop spinning my wheels. And tomorrow, I'll press on as well. I'm sure you will too.
Take care,

A Day That is Dessert said...

I hope you're feeling good today and that your week's off to a great start. xoxo

Keli Gwyn said...

I hope this week is better for you than the last. How nice that God had a special message for you just when you needed it most.

Congrats to your daughter. said...

I totally know what you mean about being tested, I was in nyc and headed back when I was told my ticket was for monday the 25th and not the 16th, well lets do the last minute math for a ticket, not happy!!
I wish that your little jack could be my xuxas{shoe-sha} little jack, he sounds so cute! I don't know who DD is yet, will have to check and see;-)
btw, check out my blog, have my first giveaways!


Yayyy on the DD!
I guess people have trouble understanding this statement... God does not tempt people & There is a difference between testing and tempting(James1?). I like how God was 'pushing' you to attend Church...gave me goosebumps! Amen sister!! Hope this week would be a more joyfyl one...~XO*

Kwana said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. They've warmed my heart. The week is starting of rocky but I'm rocking along with it. What else can I do?

Lenore I totally understand the statement. So true.

It's been so emotional with the DD. A lot to get to this point and plenty more work ahead. I'm very proud of my talented girl.

Cote de Texas said...

you have migraines? My husband has them - he gets one or two a week. They are just awful for him and really have made him almost an invalid. He has missed so much of life because of his headaches. I pray yours are not as bad!! I feel so bad for you!!!

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