Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Fashion Show

So tonight I'll be in front on the TV with, hopefully, my new fix, Isaac Mizrahi and The Fashion Show. I've got my fingers crossed that it will be a good filler for my Project Runway that is running away to Lifetime. Which is on channel Idon'tevenknow coming on Idon'tevenknowwhen.

I'll be happy to see cutie, Kelly Rowland but come on, can she bring the barbs? That will have to be all Issac. We'll see people? I wonder if it will Be David Dust blog worthy? Hmm...



sula said...

hmmm, I'm not sure. I have a fierce sense of loyalty to Tim Gunn. I dunno if I want to bother with a knock-off project runway. Where did the real one go anyways...lifetime or something?

David Dust said...

I'll be there! I'm hearing good things about the show - and some of the designers look like hot messes!


Joyce said...

I hope I remember to watch. LOL... Have a golden day Kwana! xoxo

Deidra said...

Heidi and Tim have gone to Lifetime? I don't even get that channel! I want Tim Gunn to come and live in my closet so that he can just hand me clothes and accessories to wear each morning. And I love Heidi's new Victoria Secret commercial!

Honestly, I'm miffed at Isaac since I heard that he pulled his clothing line from Tarjay. I may have to wait until season two, if there is one.

Kristen Painter said...

I'm so excited for this show! I already have my DVR set!

Kwana said...

Sula, Come on and give it a go. At least a few shows.

Oh David I'm breathing a high sigh of relief over here. Yay!

Great news Joyce!

I'd love Tim to live in my closet too Diedra. I didn't even know Isaac left Tarjay until I was there the other day looking for something good I was so sad. Bummer.

Kristen I'm so glad you're watching.

pve design said...

Seriously, Isaac has like 9 lives!
I always have loved his NY personality!
I just want to make him a milk shake and grilled cheese.

Kotori said...

I need to Tivo this... I am hoping it will be a good filler for my Project Runway addiction too...

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