Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keep the Funny Gals Coming

I'm enjoying this funny lady thing this week so I'm keeping it going and calling it a theme. Besides, I've been editing like crazy so I'm short on words.

Today I'm heading to Australia for the original Kath and Kim. The funniest mother / daughter team evah! Sorry, but the US version, as much as I love Molly Shannon, is cute, but just doesn't compare.

Check out this clip with an guest appearance by Kylie Minogue:

I hope you're having fun!




I totaly agree- the original is so much better eventhough at a lower budget I'm sure...

Debra said...

Keep the laughs coming.

pve design said...

my new hero!
I am rolling over here, just trying to understand.
I need a translator! lol.

Anonymous said...

Did she say foxymoron in the 2nd video? Hilarious! And who knew Kylie Minogue was so funny.

Kristen Painter said...

I never watched the American version to compare, but the Aussie one was a little hard to understand. Maybe it's too early in the morning for me...

Joyce said...

A good laugh for the tummy and soul is always good. Thanks xoxo

heidi said...

that's hysterical!!!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

omg YES -i love this Kath & Kim! The US version was ok (btw, what happened to it?) but nothing beats the aussie version!! I first saw it a few years ago and became OBSESSED!

Braque68 said...

gawd! loved these episodes. and Kylie was just fantastic! Of course, I had no probs understandin' them.

hee, hee.


an Aussie who is a huge fan of Kylie!

Millie said...

Oh Kwana I love that you guys are having trouble with the original Aussie version - actually so did most of us in Australia! Sadly K&K' star is on the wane here, a lot of Aussie's thought they'd got too big for their boots trying to crack the US market. We call it the Tall Poppy Syndrome - make sure to knock someone down if they show the slightest inkling of a big head!

Only too happy to help with the translations - Patricia can email me direct, now won't they make for interesting reading!!
Millie ^_^

pve design said...

Had to come back, just to say "bloody thanks" to Millie for offering translations in order to "undastand em" -
and also for the award for the "domestically challenged- I think a trip is in order one of these days.
Let's hop down to Aussie land - we have our very own local to give us a tour.

Kwana said...

Hi Millie,

So sad that they are on he outs over there. I had no trouble with he translations. Just took it in context. The US version had different stars and was too tame for me compared to this one. That was my problem. You'll have to let us know what's the next big hit over there!

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