Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who Says Feminists Don't Have Humor?

Happy Saturday!

Nellie McKay from I love her voice and humor.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Say It Ain't So- Archie and Veronica?

Is it really Friday again? Wow that was a quick one. I hope it went went well for you all.

So did you hear the news? Archie is proposing to Veronica! Yep, Veronica and not Betty. Read more here. Look at poor Betty sniffling in the background while Veronica looks all fake surprised, but secretly smug.

Wipe those tears Betty and forget that redhead once and for all! Besides you know it won't last.

I do believe my love of romance probably came from Archie comics and the Archie/ Betty/ Veronica twisted love triangle. I would always set aside some of my allowance money and run to our little variety store every week to get the most resent Archie comic. Ugh for the Jugheads. Whoo Hoo for the Betty and Veronica double digest. It was pre-Dynasty teenage catfights, good versus evil and I was crazy for it.

I also had a secret thing for the evil Reggie. Don't we just love him with his snarky one-liners and dark good looks? That's who I say you go for Betty. Why cry over Archie when Reggie is clearly the tycoon of your dreams.

Can't wait to see how this all plays out. I have a feeling all it's not how it seems. The writer in me is coming up with tons of scenarios. I'm 10 again!

Happy Friday.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did I Really Need To Know This?

What's Jack up to? Just look. Is this dog spoiled or what? Ugh with the DH I can't do a thing with him.

Check this out now has a feature where you can download audio book right to your Crackberry. Did I really need to know this? Not really. You know how crazy I am for my books and my Crackberry, so to combine the two. Yowza! Mindblowing.

I'm such a book head but lately with all my editing and my family stuff I've been having the hardest time getting through a book. Even falling asleep in the bath during my beloved reading time late at night. It's so frustrating.

I have been enjoying The Lace Reader, my book club book, on audio though. My library has the coolest my thing. This great little audio pod called Playaway that contains one book that you can grab and go. So cute and handy. I just grab it on my way out the door with Jack for our walks. You supply your own headphones.

So how do you fit in your reading time?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have You Met Anne?

What's Jack up to? As I write this Jack is snug and happy sleeping on the couch. Oh yeah, he worked so hard for the day. So darn hard. Not.

So have you met Anne Harwell otherwise known as Annechovie on her super cool blog?

Anne is a talented artist that creates the most beautiful pieces. Watercolors and ultra cool quote prints.

She has a wonderful way with color and a fabulous sense of style.

I have been an admire of Anne for quite a while and finally ordered some of her prints from her Etsy shop. I was so excited when they arrived last week along with the sweetest note thanking me for the support. I couldn't wait to run out and get frames for my prints. Here they are hung in my living room. Now I just need new curtains, maybe some throw pillows. All in due time...

I heart them!

Check out Anne at her blog here and at her Etsy shop here.

Thanks Anne.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This Is Not A Surprise To Me

What's Jack up to? Jack is being a little Jackster. Sneaking into the trash when my back is turned. Ripping up paper when he can. Just enjoying his life and getting into mess. He had lots of fun at our town's Memorial Day Parade and made a new friend.

How was your holiday weekend? Did you BBQ and have lots of fun? I hope so. We enjoyed our town's parade and hung with the neighbors.

So I took this color quiz that I got over at the Fictionistas. I was totally honest and not surprised by the results at all. What color are you? Report back and tell me if you are surprised.

You are most like:


You are bold with a dark side. You make clear lines wherever you go, though you color outside of the lines. Many people may just see the surface of you and think you are merely plain, but you have a lot of depth to you as well.

Take this quiz: Which Crayola Box of 8 Color Are You?


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

image thanks to flickr

I hope you enjoy it with the ones you love.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Wish

What's Jack up to? Mr. J is chilling hard. Sorry his updates have been sparse. This has been a tumultuous time for me and I did really need all the funny I could get last week. But Jack is good. Here he is just yesterday, cool as ice on the porch. Keeping and eye out to make sure no shenanigans are going on on the block. So serious he is, huh?

Remember the little church that I keep passing? Here's another good thought. I'm hoping for it for myself and for you too. We can all use a little peace within.

I hope your Memorial Day Weekend is going well.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Funny Week Is Not Over Yet- Gilda!

I was reminded yesterday of another old favorite by my friend Patricia of PVE designs. The late great Gilda Radner and her character Rosannne Rosanadana. How could I forget her on SNL? My mother used to actually make me imitate her skits over and over as a kid. No, I won't do it for you now. But please watch this and smile.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Original Funny- Carol Burnette

Friday's here! Are you cheering? I hope you all had a great week and enjoyed the funny ladies. Today I went back to a favorite funny lady from my childhood, Carol Burnette. Here's Carol having fun with a favorite movie of mine Gone With The Wind. It's a long one but so many laughs. Enjoy.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keep the Funny Gals Coming

I'm enjoying this funny lady thing this week so I'm keeping it going and calling it a theme. Besides, I've been editing like crazy so I'm short on words.

Today I'm heading to Australia for the original Kath and Kim. The funniest mother / daughter team evah! Sorry, but the US version, as much as I love Molly Shannon, is cute, but just doesn't compare.

Check out this clip with an guest appearance by Kylie Minogue:

I hope you're having fun!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Absolutely Fabulously Funny

I so need to keep the funny coming this week just to keep myself smiling with all the drama of motherhood going on around me. So to keep it going I'm turning to two of my Absolute faves, Edina and Pasty of Absolutely Fabulous. Those fab Brits that kept me in stitches and still do whenever I pick up a DVD.

I heard from David Dust that the plans for the US version was scrapped but I can understand it. I fear justice would have never been done to the original. Let's keep laughing this week!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny Lady

How much do I love Maya Rudolph? Thisssss Much. Check her out here doing Bronx Beat with Amy Poehler and cutie patootie Jake Gyllenhaal on SNL.

I'm really looking forward to seeing her in Away We Go. My kinda sweet movie. Here's the trailer:

She's my kinda funny lady. And I can use the laughs right about now.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Temptation vs. Tests

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been busy this weekend trying hard to get his fair share of attention through the ups and downs of family mess and me just being dog tired. He’d come over to my side of the bed as I’d lay there not wanting to move and give a low whisper woof and a little nudge of the bed. Then when I didn't move he’d amp it up to a whine and a shove until finally it was an all out bark and, “get up woman and get me out side!”

This has been a week of strife. Finally on Saturday night I sent out this tweet in frustration:
“If this is all a test- I'll take my F now. Washing machine breaks down full of wet clothes. Blow dryer takes out half the lights in my house”

It just seems that it’s all been one big pile on after another. I’m sure many of you out there know how that is especially if you have kids and extra especially if you have teens. We won't even get into the "R" word.

The young adult novel that I’m working on is just right about there. So close to done, but really not done because it’s in the editing stage. The toughest stage of all for me. When I’m getting feedback from my critique partners that can make the fragile neurotic writer in me quickly turn into the stereotypical doom and gloom alkie.

Thankfully, things happen to give me that much needed push to go on and away from the bottle. Whew!

I was wiped out on Sunday with a migraine and didn’t want to go to church but the DD did. I think to see friends. So I got up and out. There was a guest preacher, the mother of one of the ministers on our staff.

The young minister got up to introduce his mom and the way he spoke just warmed my heart. Speaking off the cuff about the woman who, “had to lay Godly hands on him” when he was almost kicked out of school as a young boy, but was the smartest and best woman he knows. I laughed and knew I was there for a reason.

Then she opened her mouth and started to speak about being Tested versus being Tempted. That confirmed it. Headache or not, yep, I was in the right place. The words that got me were that temptation is put forward for you to fail. A Test is set up for you to pass. I’ve never thought of it that way.

I’ve been tempted plenty of times to give up on things like hard projects or diets or worse this writing dream. Saying, it’s too hard I can’t do it, I’m not talented enough. But it’s all just really a test. And like I tell my children, there are no shortcuts and I must keep persevering until I pass this and all my other tests.

I know I will.

Have you been Tempted lately? Think of it as just a Test. One you can Ace!

Just as a but of added conformation my DD got word late in the evening that she made Dance Company (remember the audition a few weeks ago). She didn't make it last year but as a mom I didn't let her give up and her spirit didn't let her either. She passed the test.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vex Therapy

Yesterday was particularly vexing starting with stress and ending with a migraine. But I refuse to completely buckle under life's woes. Honestly, I don't have that luxury. I mean who really has room for a fainting couch anyway?

So I decided to end the day by popping old faithful, Pride and Prejudice into the DVD player. A little Jane Austen with lovely Colin Firth is always good for the soul.
But check out this wonderful tribute video that out found dedicated to Mr. Collins played so well by David Bamber one of the best characters evah!

How do you deal when things get vexing?


Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm a Vulcan!

And My hair is fab! Though everything else is just strange and freaky.

Create Your Own

Oh Kristen and Mel you do find the best things. Thanks so much!

Now go and make your own here and keep the joy going. Happy Friday.



1. Book/Dinner/Wine/Mom's night out was so much fun. We had an exciting discussion over The Ten Year Nap. We even got lively over the word 'piquant'. All different views on the characters and the style of writing. We were the loudest in the restaurant. Thank goodness we were in the back and we were the last to leave the restaurant. Too funny.

2.Did you watch the real Hot Messes of NYC part 2 reunion? So fun! The best. Le Countess giving Kelly the business. Who woulda thunk it? Then the Kelly Bethenny showdown. Whoa!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Girl's Night Out-Literary Edition

Tonight is book group or book/wine/dinner group. Well, to be honest it's mom's night out with a book to give it legitimacy.

New restaurant tonight, Persian and BYOB. Fun! PVE is the designated driver. Loves her!

We've all finished THE TEN YEAR NAP and I can't wait to get into the discussion and see who thought what of this book about mothers going through life's adversities. I've got my thoughts. But, don't I always?

The new selection is THE LACE READER by Brunonia Barry. I've decided to "read" this one on audio book during walks with Jack since the weather is getting better and my TBR (to be read) pile is tipping over and full of great romances that I'm excited to read.

Here is the trailer:

What are you currently reading?


P.S. I made an error! Part 2 of the NYC Housewives reunion is tonight. I'm setting my DVR are you watching?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Domestic Space Goddess

What's Jack up to? Jack is chilling as I write this. Wish I had time to chill like dear Jack. That's okay. He'll chill for me.

I'm a woman being hurled though space and time with lots to say and not enough time to say it. It's been all work, work, work and none of it fun.

All this domestic stuff had me dreaming of pirates taking me away. No, not those kind but the sexy romantic sweep me away in tight breeches kind thank you very much.

I mean, hey if I'm swabbing the deck there might as well be a nice treasure at the end of the deal. Sigh.

Hey and did you all watch Part 1 of the Real Housewives of the NYC hot mess reunion special? I love it when the words come back to. They always do. Hello Camera! Ramona and her wildness. Kelly and the tears. There was so much Hot Messery that they need a part 2 next week.

And then I couldn't even go to bed because they put The Hot Messes of New Jersey on right after. What?! Teresa is going for a French chateau look in her marble, granite and onyx house and paying only in cash. I'm saying no more.

Oh, Bravo how I love and hate you at the same time.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

I started out with the best of intentions, really, I did!

Somewhere around 12:30 it all seemed to go downhill.

Once I got all my junk off my way too cluttered dresser and onto my bed I made the mistake of dumping the bins from the floor that had been filled with other random piles of junk (from said dresser) onto the bed too.

That's when I realized my bin/pile method was not working and I needed a slim drawer system also a new jewelry system for all my baubles in random mini bins. Ugh!

This suddenly called for a run to the store.
4 stores and hours later I was left with nothing but the same messy pile on the bed and nothing but disappointment. So sad.

Don't you hate it when a plan doesn't come together?

Oh well, the joys of domestic life. Guess I'll try again today...maybe.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Monday- Say Thanks

What's Jack up to? Jack has had a fun weekend. We got a bit of sun so Jack's had some time to be out and run around in the fresh air. Of course that doesn't stop him from getting into high jinks. That's a great word for Jack. High jinks.

Another Monday. They just keep coming don't they? You know we really should be thankful for that. I know that putting the breaks on a really good Saturday or better yet a fun Friday night sounds awfully good sometimes, but hey it's impossible so I guess I'll be thankful today for another Monday and another chance to say hi to all of you.

I'm feeling ok today. I've been quite blah lately, not that I'm swinging from the chandeliers, or that they could hold me, but I'm cool today and holding onto that.

I had a great time at the 80's party on Saturday night. I went with Frau's (thanks Frau) suggestion of the boyfriend jacket and leggings with a touch of neon (thanks David) in my vintage Prince concert tee from 1988. I was so happy when I found it in the back of my drawer. It's the one article of clothing that just seems to never makes it to the donation bag. I still HEART Prince. The party rocked! We danced and sang and one dad tore it up by break dancing. He showed the Dear Teens what it was really all about in his Aidais sweats and cool attitude.

Mother's Day turned out lovely. It started early with going to church and next was a screening of the new Star Trek. Can you say Vulcan crush? Cuz I haz one.

The movie was wonderful I loved seeing the reintroduction of all the new old characters. I can't wait for the next one. I hope filming will start soon.

Then I planted my yearly geraniums in the pot for my porch and ended the evening with Chinese food and The Celebrity Apprentice finale. It was a good day.
In other news: I'll be forty in 1 month. Yikes!

How was your weekend?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

With Love

Happy Mother's Day



Saturday, May 9, 2009

80's Crazy

It's 80's Crazy with some friends from the neighborhood tonight and I was looking for a little fashion inspiration. Thought I'd share the fun with you all. I still have no idea what I'm gonna wear tonight though. Sigh.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Motherly Love

What Jack up to? Well, Jack is making my life just as lovely as ever. Climbing on the table last night and eating and entire plate of penne with sausage and tomato sauce before anyone could say, boo. I'm trying to just keep on taking deep cleansing breaths. Ohmmmmm

First off; The Fashion Show, did you watch? I sure did. While it's no Project Runway, I enjoyed it. It was a nice, refreshing change and will keep me entertained while I hold out for PR on that heart wrenching movie channel that I can never keep up with.

I thought the pack of hot mess designers were just hilarious. Well done. And let me say I didn't give cute Kelly Rowland enough credit for being able to throw the barbs. Very nice. That "Hanging by a thread," line had me howling. As for Isaac, he's always fun to watch.

Well, it's Mother's Day weekend and that got me thinking about the best movies that capture the spirit of mothers. My mom had us at the theater seeing this little gem on its opening weekend.

Come on you know you wanna laugh or at least snort a bit. It's totally un-PC but that's okay. I'm not telling. Funny how 28 years later I'm looking at Joan in a new light, slightly tilting my head.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend whether you're a mom or not. Please celebrate in a special way. Have a happy.

Oh and check out this sweet message sent to me by my bud PVE here . It's nice to have a little love from your friends.

Much Love!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

What’s Jack up to? Jack has not been happy with all the rain we’ve been having in New York. I have to practically pull him out the door for his walks. I hear you Jack. I’m not thrilled about it either dude.

Last night I got to go to the new Yankee Stadium with The DH and DS.

It was with mixed emotions that I went to the other side of the street abandoning the dear old Yankee Stadium of my youth. The one I used to walk across the 155st bridge to in the summer along with Nana, Mrs. George and a multitude of kids from the Harlem neighborhood where I spent every summer.

But times change and there I was in the new brightly lit stadium with my own excited son. Even though the Stadium was new, I’m happy to say the characters remained the same.

And a little romance in Beyond Heaving Bosoms at the game!

It was an exciting game with a crazy tie up in the pouring rain in the 8th inning which resulted in a rain delay. But sadly, the Yanks went on to lose in the 10th. I’m tired today.

Here I am in my fetching new Bronx Bombers Hat. I love it! Perfect for bad hair days and walking Jack.

I hope you have a great day.



Scroll down to talk The Fashion Show! Are you watching tonight?

The Fashion Show

So tonight I'll be in front on the TV with, hopefully, my new fix, Isaac Mizrahi and The Fashion Show. I've got my fingers crossed that it will be a good filler for my Project Runway that is running away to Lifetime. Which is on channel Idon'tevenknow coming on Idon'tevenknowwhen.

I'll be happy to see cutie, Kelly Rowland but come on, can she bring the barbs? That will have to be all Issac. We'll see people? I wonder if it will Be David Dust blog worthy? Hmm...


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

It's a scary celebration here today. I'm happy to announce the release of

It's the first book in my friend Marley Gibson's exciting new Young Adult series. Yay, Marley!

As a treat I was able to pin Marley down for a few moments in between all her exciting travels and Ghost Hunts and have her answer a few interview questions.

Now here's Marley...


It's the first in a trilogy. Get out your tape recorders, crystals, and extra batteries— you’re about to go where our world meets the spirit world..Psychic Kids, Paranormal State, Haunting Evidence—these and countless other television shows are making believers out of millions of people: Ghosts exist, and they’re living right beside us. For centuries, individuals have been trying to prove the existence of ghosts. But without hard evidence, it’s been difficult to make the case. But now as science and technology have progressed, ghost hunters have been able to use scientific means, along with more traditional psychic tools, to make their case. Photographs, video recordings, and sound recordings are all producing some amazing results.

In this new series, Ghost Huntress, meet Kendall Moorehead, a seemingly typical teen. When her family moves from Chicago to the small historical town of Radisson, Georgia, her psychic abilities awaken. She’s hearing, feeling, and seeing things that seem unbelievable at first, but with the help of the town psychic, Kendall is able to come to terms with her newly emerging gift. So, together with her new BFF, Celia, Kendall forms a ghost hunting team. They’ve got all the latest technology. They’ve got Kendall for their psychic. Now they’re going to clean up Radisson of its less savory spirits.
The story is fiction. The science is real. Welcome to a new reality.

2.How did you get the idea for the series?

I was attending the New England Romance Writers' Conference back in 2007 and attended a session run by the New England Ghost Project talking about their ghost hunting investigations. I found the idea completely fascinating and knew I had to write a story about teenage ghost hunters. I had no idea at that time that there were TV shows such as GHOST HUNTERS, HAUNTING EVIDENCE, and DEAD FAMOUS - to name a few - that highlighted such types of investigations. From there, everything just blossomed.

3. What do you want your young readers to get from the series?

I'd like young readers to know that the challenges of growing up and finding out who you are and what your place in life is are universal and timeless. I just want readers to see that being different is okay, no matter if you're new to a town, have an accent, are too skinny...or are experiencing a psychic awakening.

4. Care to give us a hint about what's coming next?

In GHOST HUNTRESS: THE GUIDANCE, out in September, readers will see Kendall growing more comfortable in her psychic skin. She will continue to develop and hone her abilities through the guidance of not only her group of fellow huntresses, but her parents, her mentor, Loreen, and her priest, Father Massimo...and her spirit guide, Emily.

I am currently working on GHOST HUNTRESS: THE REASON, the third book in the trilogy that will be a little darker than the other two books. Kendall will experience some very life-changing things that will leave her questioning everything she's ever known. That book will be out in May 2010.

Thanks so much for being here Marley. I'm so happy for you and wishing you much success. Happy Hunting!

You can check out Marley at her website here and also at her blog which she shares with other wonderful young adult authors: Book, Boys, Buzz here. Enjoy!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Temper Tuesday

What's Jack up to? Oh that Jack is working my last nerve.

Just add him to the list. He almost made it through the day yesterday without making it on the list with the rest of the folks and then last night I go in the kitchen for a moment, turn back to go in my bedroom and there is Jack standing on my bed like it's perfectly normal.

What!! Now I can take a lot but can't stand for a dog on my bed. Do you know where Jack walks.
Besides, I don't even let the DH sleep with me without taking a bath!
Now, Jack can sit anywhere else he wants in the house but not my bed and of course I had just put on fresh sheets.
Ugh! Anybody want a dog for cheap?

Yesterday was a pretty sucky day dealing with the Little teen twin 'A' aka The Drama Queen aka The Fire Starter. Sigh.
Then in the afternoon I realized I spend so much time in my car due to the twins and I wished that Domino had done a Pimp My Ride edition before going belly up. I need a renovation.

Oh well. I hope for a better day today. I plan on getting some reading done. I finished a big edit of my YA on Sunday night at around 1 am so hooray for me!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!



Monday, May 4, 2009

A Cheap Date

What's Jack Up to? Jack is getting his Monday chill on after dealing with the wild family all weekend. A cloudy day means a Jack will be perched on the couch dozing for a good part of the day.

The DH and I had a party to go to on Saturday night that we thought we were showing up for fashionably late. Turns out that 11:00 was not late enough. Seriously, nobody was there yet. I was like, "what, is this party being hosted by Kelly from the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC?"

But no, it was the DH's bud's party and he wanted to make an appearance. So we drove around in the city looking for a bite to eat. He wanted to treat me to something a bit fancy. I said no way.
This is there we ended up for some pre-party fare.

There's a good reason he married me. I'm so easy to please.
I hope you had a satisfying weekend.

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