Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anderson Inspired

What's Jack up to? Jack's hibernating under my bed right now and won't come out without the promise of a treat. He so stubborn. Just calling doesn't work. I don't like Blackmail Jack.

Right after saying I wasn't inspired, I got a much needed smile and burst of energy from Anderson Cooper. I'm sure most of you know that I have been just a tad bit into this year's presidential race. The final debate is tonight up against the finale of Project Runway. Can you believe that? What's a girl to do? I'm actually taping PR because I'm even more into politics right now then pop culture. Eek! I must be sick.

But marrying my tv love and politics fix, Anderson Cooper was filling in for Regis on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday and if I didn't think I could love Mr. Cooper any more he dropped a bomb on me and professed his love of Prince, even going so far as to steal a guitar pick from a hotel room also hanging out with Dave Chapelle and then here's the best... are you ready? He watches the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Anderson, call me. The DVR is all set up and the Prosecco will be chilled.




pve design said...

to one real housewife from another
cooper is a real cutie-pie reporter.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Honey, I hate to tell you this, but he would probably rather have that glass of prosecco with Will rather than you. Still I do heart Anderson Cooper and not just because I loved his mother's jeans as a teenager.

Kwana said...

I totally agree Patricia. Cutie all the way.

That is probably true Elizabeth, but doesn't stop my crush one bit.

N said...

Oooh I looooove that Anderson Cooper. Ever since he came on the scene.

He makes this political season a lot more attractive. And yes my husband can read this. He knows I have a crush already. But to Elizabeth's point...kinda moot.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I've loved Andy (we're so close I can use a nickname) since he was the Host of The Mole. Ah he's so dreamy and smart.

Great crush!

Kwana said...

N, We are way too close in our tastes. So funny.

High heeled. How could I have forgotten about The Mole? Yes! I remember. Love him all the more.

Anonymous said...

I share your RH-Atl guilty pleasure! Who's your favorite housewife this season? I think mine is Lisa...she seems to have the most balance (incl. that cutie-hunky hubby who makes her homemade chicken soup when she's sick) They are all so unapologetically over-the- top! $18K for an 11 yr-old's birthday party, complete with Hummer limo?? INSANITY!! It's gonna be a great season.

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