Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Which one? That one.

What's Jack up to? Jack's full of energy this morning. Running from one side of the bed to the other, all ready for a brisk walk in the cold air. Oh, Jack it was a late night last night I'm tired.

Did you watch the debate last night or are you over all this yet and you watched the New Real Housewives of Atlanta? I'm not going to hate. I DVR'd it and will be watching that un-beweavable hot mess asap. I saw the preview and those lades make the Real Housewives of New York look like paupers.

But that's not what I'm talking about today. Today is about last night. I went to sleep not knowing what I'd write about, but woke up still annoyed with one thought on my mind. That one. It really got under my skin when McCain had the nerve to say "That one" in reference to Barack Obama last night. In what context is that ok? In reference to a cup, a book, the fifth grandchild from the left, but not in reference to a Senator and candidate for President of the United States.

As soon as it was out I was taken aback. His low talking, condescending, "My Friend" way just gets gets under my skin. And how do you assume that the person who asked you a question about the failed economy doesn't know what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is? And you call the other guy the elitist? Pla-ease

All in all, once again there was no knock out, but another quiet win for the Obama camp. According to the early polls. CNN tracks it at 54 Obama and 3o McCain and the rest saying "Uh what?"
What say you about last night? You know what I say.

Sidebar:Funniest laugh from this morning. Joe Biden was on The Today Show doing his job and giving a shout out for his candidate. At the end of the interview Ann Curry said that Sarah Palin was invited to come on but declined. No surprise there. I made a comment to the DH about Sarah hiding and she should be doing her job and commenting on the debate.

Deadpan he says to me. "Maybe she didn't watch."
Ha! Who knows? Real Housewives of Atlanta was on!

Project Runway Tonight! Yippee.



Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I didn't watch the ATL Housewives yet, but I sure did DVR it!! I can't wait to see it! The preview was entertaining!

Yay! Project Runway tonight!!

Ellen Gerstein said...

This would be a lot more troublesome if Obama was not in the lead. Keep the faith!

MissPride said...

"That one" really got me too. I found it very disrespectful. Grumpy McSame was just showing his true colors, and the lies he!!! The man has nerve to lie on national tv about his record when it is available to be researched. He just kept saying it was Obama who did this or that when in reality it was Grampy who was the one who voted against the veterans, who voted for the war, and was part of the Keating nerve. Does he not realize that people are not stupid and do fact is all I can say.

*gets down off soapbox now* Still ticked off about "that one" comment.

N said...

Okay, I can't even bear to watch that Housewives train-wreck. Urgh.

Personally I have concluded the main reason not to vote for McCain is his anger. I have small children and honestly, he just seems like he's ready to blow at any moment...I don't need that type of example in our leaders. To boot, he can't even be civilized to Obama in person, which is bizarrely immature/egotistical. Dangerous combo.

If you haven't already, check out: to really make your head spin on election stats. Going to blog on that today.

Amanda McCabe said...

LOL! I'm sure Palin was far too busy keeping a watch out for those pesky Russians to watch the debate. :)

I was sort of hoping McCain would have that angry meltdown he is so obviously headed for and try to physically attack Obama, give us all something interesting to watch. :) But no, he held on--barely. His anger toward Obama, as some upstart young man who is stealing "his" presidency, is obvious. His days are numbered.

David Dust said...

Kwana -

John McCain is a weird combination of the Town Pervert and the Crypt Keeper. And don't even get me started on "That One".

CLICK HERE for my thoughts on the debate.

And CLICK HERE for an Obama "That One" logo.

And those Atlanta Housewives?? Your 'unbeweavable' comment had me cracking up. So so true!!


Megan Frampton said...

McCain said 'my friend' or 'my friends' 24 times last night.

If it were a drinking game, we'd all be dead.

Kwana said...

Thanks for the comment My Friends. Sorry I couldn't resist.

Muriel Mercurial said...

I was mostly taken aback by all of the lies McCain told. It's almost mesmerizing to watch him blame Obama for everything he's actually done/said. I think all of this dirtiness is out of desperation, considering how Obama is shooting up the polls.

I still haven't watched the ATL Real Housewives, I don't have cable. I have to find them on the internet or bogart my mother's TV. But I'm desperate to see them.

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