Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Meltdown

What's Jack up to? Good old, Jack has pulled the stuffing out of yet another stuffed toy. Looks like he's found a new game and I have a new habit to break. Oh joy. I had to get a dog, huh?

ANTM was all about the positive energy and poor Marjorie was embracing her wrecked nerves. She just didn’t understand all the positivity coming off the darn American girls. It was all an act, Marj. False bravado.
The girls meet Paulina for a self styling challenge, turning good to bad with clips and pins. Which is pretty normal on shoots. Marjorie cracked under the pressure of Paulina’s criticism, but Paulina comforted her as much as she could and she was cool for a sec. The winner of the challenge was McKey who just doesn’t do it for me. Anybody else getting a Joker feeling there? The loser was Samantha who once again turned the clothes into whatever she wanted and didn’t care for the design.

Now for the photo shoot and Mr. Jay comes out looking like The Predator from Predator vs. Alien.
The girls were giants and looked fab done up all mod. But it’s all about Marjorie this week and she was down on herself. But they could be fooling us because there is some Joclyn talk too. Will she be in the bottom with Marjorie? Or could it be Samantha with all her confidence? Surprise- Out this week is Clark. Winner one week and out the next. Buh Bye Clark.

Now for the main event

Project Runway starts with Korto again. That woman wants the tents BAD. I sure hope she makes it to the end, but I’m kinda of afraid to hope. Then its Kenley saying how she’s not talking to Leanne because she tried to sabotage her outfit. Pla-ease. Earth to Kenley. Then Jerell is all sad because he’s the only guy left and stuck with talking to his imaginary fruit “Suede”. I can’t even make a joke. Poor Jerell.

Time for a road trip to the NY Botanical Gardens and suddenly I want to take a trip. At the garden they get the challenge and it’s an L’Oreal challenge to make an evening gown using nature as your muse. The designers her given cameras and told to have at it.
The designers choose 1 photo and off to mood they run. Looks to me like somebody left their fabric at mood. Who could it have been? Oh boy, it was, Kenley. I just can’t feel bad about it now. That’s what you get for laughing on the runway chickie.

Day 2 and Kenley is mad, mad, mad and not talking to the other designers. Now she’s trying to buy tulle. But no designer will sell her any. Thank goodness for her Tim is so nice and letting her go back for it. Don’t you remember last week Tim and how she was taking to you? Oh well. I’m not in charge.

Collier Strong comes in to consult on makeup and do a long commercial.
Then it’s the Kenley sob story for a while with the other designers on one side and her on the other all sad and down and misunderstood. But really she’s not. She was mean to them the entire time. Face it.
Tim arrives for the walk through.
Korto’s lace is bothering him
Kenley loves her dress. Tim doesn’t like the scales and she won’t listen. It's just another day.
Jerell is unfinished. Get finished.
Leanne is looking very 'Hello Dolly'. I agree.

Poor Leanne with that seam ripper late at night really took me back. I feel your pain girl.
Now Jerell is crying. And Korto. Who do they have behind the camera, Barbara Walters?
I can’t believe this is the last runway show. This season went way too fast. I’m gonna cry too.
Time for the show. Hey Heidi’s in a suit. Hmm.

Korto-I like but it's just ok.

Leanne –Like the top but not hip and back of dress.

Jerell-My fave. Beautiful.

Kenley-ok but boring on top and don’t like bottom. I could buy this in a costume shop. Ugh. Why is she still arguing on the runway?

Heidi asks the question: Why should you move forward and who should go with you? The designers are breaking it down and letting the judges know how they really feel about Kenley. Uh oh. This is not pretty.
Kenley apologizes for being Kenley and then lets everyone know that Korto is not her favorite. Ouch.
It was the tensest waiting room ever with Korto ready to deliver the smackdown.
The judges deliberate and it’s all to keep us on our toes. I’m not even going to guess.

Yay, Jerell is the winner!
And the loser is... wait for it... Nobody. Huh? What?! They all get to make collections but only 3 will be in contention. I’m confused. Sigh, but what else is new?
Oh well, at least I’ll get to see another week of them all working on their collections. That will be fun. More drama and it's not mine. Bring it on!




pve design said...

May all the other divas out there and drama queens command your full attention! I mean us girls all love a little "other peoples" drama, right!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I understand where Kenley is coming from, but she really needs to go get some therapy or some Xanax because girlfriend needs to tone it down a notch. Michael Kors had it right when he said, what was Kenley going to do if the buyer from Bloomingdale's doesn't like the sleeves on her dress? Deck him? Ban the journalist from WWD because he/she criticized her last collection? Enough is enough. Seriously, they are only keeping her around for the drama, because in real life, she would have been fired for that attitude if she worked for a designer.

Kristen Painter said...

Kenley's dress would have been a lot cooler if she'd had a neckline like Kyoto's and moved those petal things to start at the waist - like a short funky, tu-tu kind of cocktail dress. But as it was, it didn't work at all. Blech.

I really liked the color of Leanne's.

Be the change..... said...

I love Leanne's dress, till the model turned about 'pooping fabric'. I agreed that Jarells was the BEST! I had very mixed feelings though, I didnt' know who I felt should go - it was between Kenley and Korto for me. In the end I decided I wanted Korto to leave (sorry Kwana!) because, like Heidi said, I was curious what Kenley would create -she had the most interesting fabric choices and prettiest dresses all along. It's a competition about designing, not personality, after all! I agree with you Elizabeth -she needs THERAPY!

Kristin said...

For some reason I kept missing the show this season, but I saw the end of last night's. Crying, crying...I've never seen so many tears. Even on the runway. Once the criticism started from the judges they just fell apart. Pressure, I guess, but I've never seen that before (except for the guy last season who cried everytime they put a camera on him. What was his name?) I liked the purple dress other than the blue fabric in the back. She should have left it off. The winning dress was good, but I kept having this fear that if the model took a breath the top would fall right off.

Kwana said...

All great comment so far, everyone. Don't be sorry for your opinion Be The Change. I agree it was not Korto's best night but I still think she's a better designer than Kenley. The proof will be in the collections.
Kristen, I guess it's the thought of getting so close to your dream that had them all choked up.

David Dust said...

Kwana -

Leanne was having one of your "one sock moments" last night after Tim called her dress "Hello Dolly"!

Kenley has become the Sarah Palin of fashion.

CLICK HERE for David Dust's Project Runway recap.


Rachel said...

Hey, I think we have exactly the same Wednesday night schedule! Love it.
Ummm...didn't PR pull this same stunt last season - not sending anyone home and letting four designers create collections? Twice in a row seems a little much for me.

Kwana said...

Thanks for visiting Rachel. I'm glad you're a PR fan too. I guess it is an old trick but I would have been crushed if they let Korto go for Kenley to keep the drama high.

mommythe said...

even tho i already saw the collections during NY fashion week, i was still gunning for kenley to just be eliminated. she is SO very deluded! i guess she can't change the way she is, because as she said, she grew far away from land and got as loud and obnoxious as she wanted to be. guess some habits never go away, kenley!

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