Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Heartbreak

What's Jack up to? Jack was sleeping late on this school holiday morning just like the rest of us. Now he's up and chipper and ready to ROCK!

Project Runway starts with Heidi giving out cash and time for the designers to make a collection. The elimination challenge was to make a wedding dress that reflects their collection and Tim will be checking in.

We start with Kenley saying how she was sabotaged and walking away without a goodbye. Ugh!

First Visit- Korto in Little Rock.
Tim says, what is this place. So funny! Korto looks great.
The collection is very Korto. Nice palette. Ethnic, but not too much . Beautiful beading.
Tim is worried about the sexual shape. Oh Tim. Don't be scarrrred.
The wedding dress needs work. I agreee.

Tim meets hubby, daughter family and friends and Korto does a drum performance for Tim as a sweet suck up. Use what you got girl to get what you need!

Then it's on to Portland to see Leanne and her cute quiet boyfriend that looks just like her.
Leanne is all about water and waves.

Tim is concern with all the white. Tea dye it or something.

Then he goes bike riding with Leanee, scary, but cute. It's fun to se Tim out of his element. No family for Leanne. Where are they? No story for her either. She's the woman of mystery. Why am I not surprised?

On to Jerell in Los Angeles. Jerell is all evening. I feel like we're in the Bob Mackie showroom. Not that that's an all together bad thing. Bob in the right moment has been know to rock it. But Jerell needs to be careful.
Tim is concerned about the top if the wedding dress. I am too.

It's time for editing with all the pieces. There is a lot going on there.
Time to meet the family. Sister pretty. Love interest. Funny. Way to not commit Jerell. And Mom. Love the pics of Jerell and his Dad. That afro was a crack up.

Finally it was save the attitude for last and Kenley in Brooklyn.
She was all about saying she values Tim's opinion. Riiiight.
That photo of her grandmother totally shows where she gets her style.
Kenley handpainted the fabrics which was pretty ambitious and they came out lovely.
Then we could to the neck area the she has ropes on the neck. What? Hanging! Huh? Strange.
Tim loved the wedding dress. It's fun. Feathers. Can you say Christian?
Kenley cries tears of joy.
No family or even fiends visit. So sad but when you're not nice you can't even get friends to come by and be your friends with Tim Gunn.

Now were all back in NY. Whew. This is too long. Sorry. It's part one of the finally. The designers want to get their spaces before Kenley arrive. Jerell is stuck rooming with Kenley. When she arrives the reception is cold and she apologizes.

Doorbell with champagne and food and lighten.

They arrive at Parsons for the the designers to unpack. Time for a lookie. But Tim comes in with a whopper of another challenge. Design a bridesmaid dress to go with their wedding dress. Uh oh. It's on!

Tim walks through. Kenley ambitious. Jerell sloppy. Leanne now making music. Wow. Korto's dresses are in competition.

Tim makes a speech and gets weepy. Is it for the designers or the move to Lifetime? Hmmm...

Now to the runway show.

Jerell- I don't like the top of the wedding dress. Color of the bridesmaid is bad. I don't like iridescent. It looks cheap.

Kenley- wedding dress is very Kenley. Cute though. Fun Bridesmaid

Korto- Like wedding, but not the color and take a few of the pleats away please. I do like the bridesmaid dress.

Leanne- love wedding gorgeous architecture. The winner today. Bridesmaid. Delish. Cream puff. Bravo has these pics that show nothing. What does this mean?

I hate it when they do this so close to the end. It's a heart breaker. But Jerell is out. If someone had to go this week he was the one.

It's an all girl finale. Till next week.



Kristen Painter said...

I have to say, I thought Kyoto's wedding dress was a hot mess. I would have picked Jerell over her, although I've liked her designs for the most part.

Honestly, I didn't want to see any of them go.

Jaci Burton said...

This was a heartbreaker because they're all great designers. Though when I got a glimpse of Jerell's collection...ugh. Too much Bedazzled going on there. Korto's collection looks better overall so it probably was the right choice. So sad to see Jerell go though because he's designed so many awesome things this season. Sad.

Onto the finale!

Mel Francis said...

it was such a good show. I am sad that Kenley is in and Jerell is out because I really hate her attitude. But design-wise, she kicked Jerell's ass this show. Her wedding dress was HOT. I loved it.

David Dust said...

I will miss JerHell...

CLICK HERE for David Dust's Project Runway recap.


Marley Gibson said...

I'm with Kristen that I didn't want to see any of them go, either. But WTF was Jerel thinking? I think he got too enamored of his own design that he couldn't see how ridiculous it was. I have to say that I'm perfectly fine with the three finalists and think it'll be fun to see three chicks square off. I understand all three contestants a lot more after this episode and wish them all well.

My money's on Korto to win.

Kwana said...

Thanks for the comments today. I agree I was sad to see Jerell go, but he could not see past himself. It should be a good finale. I'm sure Kenley will serve it some zingers.

Be the change..... said...

I waited till I watched the show to read your blog! I LOVED Kenley's outfits, was a bit disappointed with Leannes (everyone loved them but me) but Jarell....he was my boy! What happened? AWFUL! I liked the shape of his wedding dress but not the colors or all that cheap beading. Such a disappointment!

Amanda McCabe said...

I have to agree--what was Jerrel thinking with that gown?? It was the definition of a hot mess. More than once this season he's messed up a great design idea with over-doing, hopefully he's learned to fix that now.

I LOVED Kenley's dresses! I would definitely wear a wedding gown like that, with maybe a few less feathers :) She's been annoying all season (though she has nothing on some past-season irritants), and sometimes her color choices are weird, but I do like her aesthetic.

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